Securitise sponsorship income

  • Future Incomes rolled into immediate Lump-Sum Payment
  • Sponsorship, Licenses and Event Income
  • Maximise Earning Potential
  • Athletes, Artists, Entertainers

For many sports men and women and for those professionals that earn through sponsorship income or contractual income, it is possible to claim your future income (unearned as yet) in a lump-sum today.

This is particularly beneficial for those who wish to collateralise on newly awarded sponsorship contracts and wish to gain a large lump-sum instead of a regular monthly or annual income. Lump-sum payments are made on a non-recourse basis.

Utilising our exclusive partnerships, ICS can help acquire (at an appropriate discount rate), legally contracted future income streams of a professional. The types of professionals that may qualify would be Athletes, Entertainers, Artists and Sports men and women. Such qualifying subjects may include;

  • Athlete Contracts
  • Player transfers
  • Sponsorship Contracts
  • Television rights

In fact, most other revenue with an associated contract in the sport music and entertainment industry may also qualify.

In addition to the above, it is also possible to securitise license income and event income such as;

  • Season tickets
  • Royalties & Copyright
  • Publishing Rights
  • Sports/Music/Entertainment Tours
  • Sports/Music/Entertainment Events
  • Spectaculars
  • Theatre

To learn more about receiving lump-sum payments for contracted future income streams, please contact us in confidence where our experienced partners will be able to answer your questions and confirm qualifying conditions. We look forward to meeting with all our potential clients and to discussing matters in strictest confidence here in Switzerland through our personal invitation.

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