Advance your cash flow

  • Receive Future Cash Flow in an Advanced Lump Sum
  • Conventional Receivables Finance
  • Regenerate Stagnant Assets for Cash
  • Increase Existing Cash Flows Fast
  • Lower and Defer Tax Payments

We think laterally and outside the box. Solving Cash flow is not just an invoice discounting or factoring facility as your high street bank may imply.

Although discounting and factoring may ease cash flow and indeed large amounts of cash is often wrapped up in outstanding invoices, it is often the case that more cash is stagnated in stock, property, vehicles, bad debts, security and rent deposits, letters of credit and other forms of guarantees.

In addition, the valuable cash-flow that a business does produce can be devalued by foreign exchange fluctuation (sales and purchases overseas) and condemned in high-interest short-term debt and overdrafts.

We can review all of these elements and create structures and solutions to re-employ stagnant assets or utilise value held within the assets of the business to create valuable cash-flow, as well as to maximise the power of your cash in foreign currency transactions and short-term debt repayments.

Calling upon various financial methods, we can start to revive cash-flow by reviewing these business assets that many executives may assume are not capable of utilisation or not capable of being used to create cash without selling or disposing of such assets. To the contrary, by retaining assets and welding-in our financial strategies, we can start to generate cash-flow based on your business assets previously unused, many without the need to borrow against them or to dispose.

We can also review corporate tax efficiencies, ensuring that taxes are minimised and cash reserved for tax payments is maximised to the fullest extent, without risk or detriment.

If you would like to discuss your requirements or difficulties with us in complete confidence or require further information, please feel free to contact us. A member of our finance team is always on hand to guide you and arrange the necessary consultations with no obligation.

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