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Using a repertoire of financial tools and facilities of our partners, both modern and traditional, complex financial structures can be created to finance large and intricate projects on a world-wide arena. Typically concentrating on projects between €20 million and €100 million, we can equally help you accommodate larger and smaller projects.

As is typical with many complicated project structures involving different nations and cross-border investment, intelligent finance repayment vehicles can be designed to run alongside the project funding, involving debt and equity partnerships, repayment holidays and stock-conversion options allowing greater flexibility for finance repayment, giving the project all necessary elements of success.

Naturally, each project is assessed on its own merits and each financing structure is bespoke, designed to meet the criteria of both the Project and its Principals. Working with our investment bankers, corporate and private investors, we can offer our clients a complete project finance package, bespoke of course to the requirements and demands of the project itself and to that of the objectives of the Principals. Such services include;

Background Financial Planning – If the foundations of your company’s financial structure are not coordinated in the appropriate manner you run the risk of unwanted and unplanned debt. We have the ability to not only recognise potential risks but also offer informed and appropriate solutions.

Corporate Structuring – Due to various economic realities, it is often essential that your company has the ability to evolve with the current environment in a positive manner. Taking on the demands of a new project or development task can cause additional stresses on your current infrastructure and in turn place unforeseen and unwanted pressure on your existing corporate structure. We are able to pinpoint potential areas of weakness and present beneficial recommendations.

Appraisal Reporting – We have the ability to independently review your project on several levels, in order to give you an accurate and detailed report on where the strengths and weaknesses lie, both economically and strategically, helping you realise the goal of generating the financing you require.

Raising the actual fundingEquity and Debt – We are experts in finding the right solution for your requirements first time around. Our Financiers are extremely well placed to assess both your situation and requirements. We listen, evaluate and present effective and achievable solutions.

Injecting Collateral – Due to the diverse nature of our Client’s needs we are able to offer long and short-term help through our partners and private investors. We can negotiate the use of importing assets to pledge as security against credit lines, so in turn, releasing the required capital. Due to the high grade of assets we are able to offer, there is greater potential for a lower rate of interest on the loan. The benefits of this are of course instantly recognisable.

Credit Enhancement –  Reducing the risk to any potential Lender is of tremendous importance in gaining the financing you require. We are able to offer various means to ensure that additional confidence is confirmed to potential Lenders by implementing the use of financial instruments or insurance underwriters. Due to our Swiss jurisdiction and complimenting advisory teams, this offering can be extremely beneficial to the right project.

Bond Offerings –  We recognise that the current economic climate may have had a less than positive effect on your current finances and standing, and due to the current position of traditional lending institutions your ability to aggressively build and develop has perhaps stagnated. To those companies that qualify, Bond Offerings represent a solid opportunity to gain a much-needed monetary injection to realise additional requirements, whether expansion, diversification, or development. We work in partnership with some of the largest and most well know banks offering unparalleled service and commitment.

Securitisation – Raising money on revenue streams, allowing for off-balance sheet funding.

Project Financial Management – Providing full services for the financial management of the Project and the monitoring of expenditure and cash-flows. Making adjustments in the borrowings to narrow down interest rates and borrowing terms, or to extend borrowings where project difficulties are experienced.

Exiting the Project through sale or Public Offering – As you are aware, within business, when the time arises, it is of the utmost importance to strategically plan an exit from the current situation. Most commonly retirement is the motivation, but there are instances when factors outside of your control force you into a position that was not initially planned for. Due to our experience and working partnerships we are uniquely placed to present solutions to what may seem insurmountable problems, they are not. We are able to implement effective structuring to cover IPOs and promote the sale of your company through private channels.

Creation of Tax Trusts for its Beneficial Owners – Being a Swiss based company and having cemented continued working relationships with Switzerland’s premier tax advisors and legal firms we have a wealth of experience in guiding companies and individuals, from all nationalities, through the most beneficial tax structures and trusts. We understand that you have spent a lifetime nurturing the growth of your company and in turn your individual wealth.

If you would like to discuss project funding with us in complete confidence or require further information, please feel free to contact us. A member of our consultant team is always on hand to guide you through the application process and arrange the necessary consultations with no obligation.

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