Our IntaNational Outreach

IntaCapital Swiss of Geneva are located within one of the world’s premier banking communities and united with respected financial institutions and professional service providers internationally and represented in over 12 countries.

We are proud to join forces with our Appointed Representatives world-wide to offer the utmost quality of customer service in all corners of the globe.

Our Corporate Finance branch in the City of London offers us immediate and direct access to investment fund sources enabling us to offer the most competitive finance and re-finance packages on behalf of our clients. Our international team are looking for forward your contact.

ICS Worldwide

Head office

  • Geneva, Switzerland

Representative Offices

  • London, UK

  • Haywards Heath, UK

  • Sofia, Bulgaria

Broker Locations

  • Ballymena, NI

  • Hvam, Norway

  • Doncaster, UK

  • London, UK

  • Meggerholm, Germany

  • Tirino, Italy

  • Lo Pagan, Spain

  • Bucharest, Romania

  • Dimitrovgrad, Bulgaria

  • Izmir, Turkey

  • Tibilisi, Georgia

  • Vadodara, India

  • Dhaka, Bangladesh

  • Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

  • Tripleone, Singapore

  • Aukland, New Zealand

  • São Lourenço, Brasil

  • Buenos Aires, Argentina

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