Retail Bonds: A Return with a Difference

November 29, 2021

Bonds have always been an investment opportunity for those who are looking for a long term, high return option, with recent market forces showing bonds popularity continuing with investors cashing in their shares to place in bonds. However, it is retail bonds that seemed to have captured the imagination of those wanting a return with the difference. Daniel Terry, CEO of IntaCapital Swiss, takes a look at past retail bonds investments and the opportunity and risks involved in investing in them.

What is a Retail Bond?

Retail bond new issues are similar to IPOs (initial public offering). They allow companies to raise money, offering the public a chance to invest into prospects. As with all bonds, retail bonds are a type of loan where in exchange for lending a business your capital, it will pay you a fixed rate of interest over a set period. To learn more about the risks and what to look out for, read here.

IntaCapital Swiss and Bond Issues

The complexity of undertaking a bond issue calls for the expert knowledge in co-ordinating all parties to best serve the issuer. At IntaCapital Swiss we can deliver all requirements to the issuer and co-ordinate the bond issue.

  • Take your offering to the marketplace.
  • Ensure your bond issue succeeds to raise its financial requirement for your company.

IntaCapital Swiss have access to several different investment opportunities that may not be accessible to the public. We are ideally placed to offer exclusive introductions for potential investors to investment bankers – solicitating bids for new issue bonds and other investment opportunities.

To discover the benefits and to discuss the intricacies of undertaking a bond issue or to receive further information on these types of investment services, please get in touch. Our expert team will advise and offer the necessary consultations.

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