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How is Cryptocurrency Currency Created? 

Cryptocurrency is created through a process known as “mining”. However, the process differs from one cryptocurrency to another.   Bitcoin Mining – produces new bitcoins that are then entered into circulation. Bitcoin mining...

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Crypto Exchanges, NFT’s & Derivatives

A Digital Currency Exchange, (DCE), is a cryptocurrency exchange that is open 24 hours a day. It enables the trading of one cryptocurrency for another cryptocurrency, for cash (fiat currency), or for other digital currencies.    There...

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Useful Definitions – Cryptocurrency

Altcoins – refers to all coins that are not Bitcoin  Blockchain – represents any and all transactions in a particular cryptocurrency which are stored in a digital ledger  Crypto Futures – are a type of derivative contract...

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The Next Big Thing – Energy & Property

Energy  Lower energy prices for mining will be essential over the coming years. The cost of energy to miners is their single biggest expense. China was recently the main centre for mining as energy was relatively cheap. China housed...

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