Covid 19 Notice

As business begins to return to normal in Switzerland from the 11 MAY 2020 the Banks, Financiers, Hotels, Bars and Restaurants begin to open (with safe-distancing procedures in place). We advise all our customers and existing and potential clients that whilst we are open for business as usual, we do appreciate the safe and cautious approach to travel restrictions, 14-day Quarantine procedures and other restrictions being imposed by many of your resident nations. We also acknowledge that border controls may also have certain and specific entry criteria to Switzerland that not all our new customers and non-resident Swiss account holders may meet for entry purposes.

We appreciate that this may be for some considerable time and may greatly hinder your business travel to Switzerland. We also acknowledge that it does not need to interfere with your funding application and the completion of our pending transactions.

To overcome these restrictions and allow our customers to gain access to the much needed commercial funding that we may provide during this crisis and economic turmoil, we have adopted an online remote underwriting procedure that will be operated until 31 August 2020.

All applications and identification procedures may now be conducted online and by remote document transferral, as has been practiced by many private banks here in Switzerland for the last few years and complies with the Swiss Federal standards and requirements.

Equally, meeting requests and conferences will be handled in the same manner.

We appreciate that immediate and speedy response to your funding application is now more important than ever during this crisis and we remain available to accommodate your requirements during these difficult times. Where at all possible, we will attempt to conduct the funding process through our representative offices in your own nation. Where that is not possible, we assure you our utmost and immediate attention, howsoever remote you may be.

We hope that by operating this service free of charge, it may save the inconvenience and upset of your travel to visit us here in Geneva as is normally required and will contribute to speed-up your new funding application. Remote underwriting will not delay any funding applications.

For our existing clients, we do of course regret that during this time we are unable to travel to you and therefore we are restricted to carry-out our usual quarterly (3 monthly) customer care visits. We do however hope this will resume in the very near future. In the meantime, we will continue to operate our remote service wherever possible and you will of course be advised of this shortly if you are not already aware.

Please contact your Client Relationship Manager for more information or email us here.

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