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“Raise money using income you haven’t yet received.”

  • Cheaper Borrowings
  • Non-recourse LoansRaising Capital against Licences, Rights & Contracts
  • Lump-Sum Cash
  • Debt Restructure Solutions

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Securitisation is a valuable financial tool to any organisation. It allows the principal to use future income streams as today’s assets. It allows for cheap, non-recourse borrowings off-balance sheet and become economically viable for contracts over a minimum of €5m.

Various contracts may qualify for securitisation techniques;

  • Licensing Rights
  • Sponsorship Contracts
  • Supply Contracts
  • Season Ticket and Gate Sales
  • Television Rights
  • Publishing Rights
  • Tours and Events

Securitisation can also be effectively employed in debt restructuring strategies.

ICS can structure bespoke solutions to achieve the objective. Fast, efficiently and economically.

To find out how we can help you raise money contact us in confidence where our experienced partners will be able to answer your questions and offer you the right advice.

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