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Through times of recession or a financial lull period, debt repayment may become a problem for the strongest of businesses. For those executives who do not accurately predict problematic periods ahead (and lets face it; that is more common that most of us care to admit), it is often too late to restructure debt and re-negotiate debt repayment structures with lenders. When repayments are in arrears, it weakens the negotiation position a business may have with its creditors and may fail to obtain a satisfactory debt repayment structure.

By assessing your business and understanding your corporate structure, we are able to employ financial techniques that enable you to secure favourable debt repayment terms by either deferring the debt and offering secured terms to your lender (underwritten by our Swiss methodologies partners), or by importing additional collaterals to offset or defer the debt repayment. These facilities can of course allow for additional interest charges of your lender due to deferred or rolled-up interest charges and unpaid capital elements of the debt.

Our skills lay in identifying the assets of your business and implementing strategies and techniques to increase and enhance your debt negotiation position, as well as securing other facilities that can increase collateral value, lowering gearing and strengthening the financial account of the corporation.

As these facilities often strengthen the security held by your lender (lowering the LTV [loan-to-value] ratio), it is common to be able to negotiate lower interest rates and repayment holidays for existing debt without the need to re-finance or change lenders.

If you would like to find out how we may help you, please contact us. Our expert finance team is available to answer any questions or to arrange the necessary no-obligation consultations.

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