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5 tips for choosing the right investment advisor:

With the recent news of the FCA’s second largest ever criminal prosecution for the £28 million investment fraud of Michael Nascumento, there has never been more reason to take precautions when choosing the services of an investment advisor. The decisions an investment advisor will counsel you on could have huge ramifications on your personal and commercial finances so it is important to find the right person who understands your business, your finances and has your best interests solely in mind. Here Daniel Terry, CEO of IntaCapital Swiss SA, Geneva gives us his top five considerations when appointing a new investment advisor.

Retail Bonds: A return with a difference

Bonds have always been an investment opportunity for those who are looking for a long term, high return option, with recent market forces showing bonds popularity continuing with investors cashing in their shares to place in bonds. However, it is retail bonds that seemed to have captured the imagination of those wanting a return with the difference. Daniel Terry, CEO of IntaCapital Swiss, takes a look at past retail bonds investments and the opportunity and risks involved in investing in them. return-with-a-difference/ with-a-difference/

A Look at Brexit and what the future might hold

Brexit is still a hot topic amongst all businesses and concerns for the future remain at the forefront of investors’ minds. Investors globally are watching to find out what it really means to the UK economy and to the investment market not being part of the European Alliance. In this article Sonny Hawkins, Client Relationship Manager at IntaCapital Swiss, gives us his opinion on what Brexit will mean to investors worldwide and shed some light on the opportunities and the upside of life post March.

How to Engage with a Financial Broker

With thousands of unregulated commercial brokers in the UK alone, it is a challenge for investors to find a good broker. The following commentary from Jason Mendelson, Managing Director of IntaCapital Swiss plc, advises investors what they should look for when choosing a finance broker.


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