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    Swiss Banking for Financial Professionals

For financial professionals and intermediaries, booking transactions and banking commissions and fees in Switzerland holds many different advantages.

Working with ICS it is possible to book your transactions inside Switzerland and therefore utilize the favourable Swiss commercial laws and tax laws to your full advantage.

Swiss based transactions offer credibility, comfort and discretion. Regardless of the jurisdiction of the Client and the transaction, working with ICS will allow you to operate and book the transaction under Swiss law, saving VAT / TVA on fees and saving tax on commissions.

At the same time keeping full control and ownership over the deal.

For regular or large transactions, ICS can establish special purpose vehicles inside Switzerland for the purpose of administering deals, receiving fees and commissions (often tax exempt) and open dedicated personal Swiss accounts for the brokers and intermediaries to receive their commissions.

To find out more about Swiss Banking and Booking transactions inside Switzerland, please contact our business development team who will be pleased to advise you and offer a personal invitation to establish the necessary Swiss banking platforms.

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